In my church, the one where I work that is, there are people who are living out there faith through a checkbook. They are very supportive and giving, but they are not getting their hands dirty.

How can we light a fire in these people? The people that are comfortable in their lives and what their faith life is? How do we encourage the living that Jesus speaks about in Matthew 25: 31-46? I think that this is the way that the “main-line” churches are going to be able to survive.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the mainline churches to go anywhere; if they did, I would lose my job. But it is bigger than that, there is so much history and tradition there that alot would be lost in the reformation.

Speaking of reformation, Luther wasn’t trying to start his own branch of Christianity, he was trying to help change the path of the Catholic church. That is what I struggle with the most with the Emergent Idea.

Back to the other thought of tradition and experience from the mainline churches, I think it is a shame that we are not embracing alot of our Jewish heritage. As followers of Christ, we are grafted onto the branch of Judiasm, yet we try so hard to separate ourselves from them (and it seems the Catholics too).

I guess that makes sense on why it seems the Emergent churches are trying to get away too. Is it in our human nature to spread our wings and make room?

I attend an emergent church, but I don’t want to forget my roots. Lately it feels like my roots have allowed for more growth to happen in me than I have experienced in years. There has been a lot of pruning of previous biased thoughts and feelings. And it feels like a greater understanding of God’s love is hovering over me.

As you can see, I am not as eloquent or deep as Chris. In fact this was all over the place. My apologies and I will try and get better.