At the risk of sounding ridiculous, I offer this question anyway.  As I sat in a multi-million dollar auditorium with sound quality that would make Bono blush, I couldn’t help but grow frustrated that I don’t know more than a handful of the 1100 people I was supposedly “worshiping with”.  In a world that is so hungry for relationship and meaning, are large worship gatherings helpful in our mission?

Obviously, I know the great commission and would love to see Jesus return tomorrow, but I wonder if it’s possible to increase our size without losing our transformational potency in community.

I argue that large worship gatherings are biblical and effective, but we’ve relied on corporate worship to do the heavy lifting in our missiology for far to long.  Seems to me that being a large (or in some cases mega) church is ok, but only if you can remain small simultaneously.  If corporate worship is the backbone of your church, you’re missing something.

A class I took this summer has got me thinking about the relationship between how we do church, specifically how we seek transformation.  Does it come through hearing and preaching the word?  Or does it come through looking one another in the eye and actually wrestling the truth in your and my life?

The looks I saw on the people in my church this morning led me to desire the latter.  What do you think?  Small?  Huge?  Or both?  Why?  Go!