The Hand of Convenience

I used to play Hearts and Spades all the time with my friends in high school. I remember that every once in a while we’d be in the middle of the game when we would suddenly notice that our friend Nick was playing inconsistently. In the rules, you’re supposed to follow suit that is led if you have it in your hand, but he would just choose a random card from his hand and play it no matter what was led. Some might have called this cheating, but Nick called it “the Hand of Convenience”.
It was pretty funny back then. But now I am wondering if in life we still might play the Hand of Convenience. Not that life is a game or that there are specific rules per say, but maybe we do what is most convenient for ourselves. Life is certainly a lot easier and comfortable that way.
But it’s difficult to pursue a life of following Jesus that is convenient. It’s hard to fully love people only when it’s convenient and in ways that are convenient.
Sometimes I feel that church and Christianity in the West have become one big Hand of Convenience, one that at times I have been as happy to play as the next guy. But now the Hand of Convenience is a worn out, tired idea to me. The Hand of Convenience does not grasp anything worth living for in its crumbling grip. I don’t want to make that play any more.