I am a little bit angry.

And Alienated.

I don’t like some Christians. It’s not the biggest deal or the newest thing, but I was reading a series of Facebook interactions between two friends and some dude I don’t know. The short of it is that they were having somewhat of a political debate, and the dude was very harsh, and sarcastic (particularly toward one of my friends whom the dude doesn’t even know and had never met or talked to before). Harshness, Sarcasm…nothing new in politics. The problem is the guy claimed to be defending a conservative Christian point of view, even going as far as to chide the other for poor behavior unbecoming of a Christian. Fine, he acted a douchebag. It was less of a desolating sacrilege to me when he was that way to the friend he did know (although I still thought he was being a ridiculous a-hole); but then when my other friend who this douche didn’t know got involved and shared some reasonable additions for the conversation, and the dude responded as a total sarcastic jerk…all for the sake of his political opinion. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

The whole interaction is 70 comments long, but I’ve included the relevant parts of the conversation between my friend and the dude at the bottom of this post. Nick #1 is my friend, Nick #2 is the dude. To be fair, Nick#1’s first comment is semi-sarcastic to support my friend Rachel’s agreement with Naomi Wolf, who Nick#1 admits is at least a little out there. I was just so outraged by Nick#2’s harshness…a lot because it was toward my good friend and moreover a good friend who is sensitive about Christians & Christianity, and a lot more because this whole jerk attitude is symbolic of a much larger group of people and their attitudes. It makes me want to puke.

The following is my convoluted response I added to the debate on Facebook:
“I guess I don’t understand why people use incredibly harsh sarcasm and cruelty against people they don’t know while they also appear to be claiming to represent Christianity and implicitly Jesus as well…all for the sake of politics. There is something more than a so-called double-standard there…maybe a triple standard…or something even deeper. A need to be right, a need to be in power, a need to win. Unfortunately for all of us who struggle with those needs (myself included), the founder of the way of life we might call Christianity did not speak in his defense, relinquished power, and found victory in defeat…never sarcastic to his foes, only to his colleagues (that is religious leaders).
Those who follow the Christ but neglect his teachings are very, very dangerous indeed.
The actual matter of politics and the details it entails carry very little weight to me when put under an umbrella of pseudo-Christianity. That is, in more specific terms, if one desires to talk politics, one need not even mention God or Jesus or Christianity if one is going to be a jerk about it—otherwise an automatic, innate hypocrisy arises, which causes as much damage to the hypocrite as it does to the recipient of his words. I dare say that Jesus was a little more concerned about love than he was about parties (except the kind with sinners) or political candidates. But what do I know…I’m just another Joe Six-pack trying to get by in this crazy Western world.”

Now some of that refers to other specific things in the Facebook debate, which I’m not putting on here, but in general I just want to say I’m pissed off about it and frustrated. I do not want to be a Christian. Maybe that’s the best missional advice a person could take on to engage a Western postmodern culture with the Gospel–do not be a Christian.






The following happens at the very top of the conversation:

…and this comes near the very end…




Well, if you’re going to go ahead and still be a Christian, at least don’t be a douche. Please.

Really, please.