…a re-post from my other blog, Elusive Bread, where I kind of write about the missional characteristic I desire of loving people well and patiently when they struggle…

Does Jesus ever feel out of reach to you?

I was with someone recently who said, “God is good…all the time.” I replied, “Yeah, but it doesn’t always feel like it.” Then she looked at me very seriously and said, “That’s not true.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but it sure is true that I don’t always feel like God is good or close or connected.

Do real people ever feel out of touch with God? Disconnected? Distant?

Pat answers that God is good all the time and that one’s feelings aren’t true don’t really help when I’m feeling like that, even if those statements are indeed true. It doesn’t matter, because they are distant statements people use to stay aloof from the muck of real life and real struggles that real people really undergo.

I am always surprised to find that God is much closer than I thought, much more connected than I realized, much more good than I imagined. But it takes some time to see those things. I see them coming through the muck as they draw me out of it. Often I have realized that God patiently loved me back to life through patient people who held their tongues and stayed near me.

We can communicate Gods closeness. We can communicate God’s connectedness. We can communicate God’s goodness.


You know, the ghostbusters always wanted to put their ghosts in a tiny little box. We do that sometimes with Jesus too, but the reality is he flies free bigger and more transformatively beautiful and more dangerously good and more contagiously hopeful than all the pat words in our little boxes could ever contain.

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