Things I go to where I sit near large groups of people I don’t know and consume a product:
1. Movie
2. Concert
3. Restaurant
4. Church

Three of these things are at least enjoyable and familiar.

Does anybody else ever feel like this?

Why does a church seem so disconnected from life and disconnected from each other? Why is it so hard to go into a new church? Why is it hard to determine what many things happening in a church “service” have to do with Jesus?

I guess I just don’t understand the merit of awkwardly going into a room for an hour with people you don’t know to sing songs, eat mysterious tic tacs, drink from sippy cups, and fight to stay awake while some dude talks at you for hopefully less than 15 minutes just so you can go home and be glad you have the rest of the day off.

I’m not saying we should abandon Christian community of even the church, but the current institution boggles my mind. It feels so artificial, inward, self-centered. I want to be challenged by people. To go out with them. To serve with them. To grow with them. To share life with them.

I want to share life and mission in an enjoyable and down-to-earth way, and I can’t help but see that kind of thing when I read about Jesus’ life. The story of Jesus and his disciples would be so different if it only centered around the temple or a synagogue on just Fridays (our Sundays) and maybe Wednesdays, and if it only centered on serving the consumeristic, entertainment, and inward-focused needs of temple-going Jews.

So much of Jesus’ story happened out and about. He was always traveling and engaging with all sorts of people and challenging them to engage life in a new old way. He gave his disciples a different way of life over the course of years. And in the end he challenged them to “go”. Not stay. Not sit. Not relax. Not dig in the trenches, build buildings, and hole themselves up away from the world, waiting as comfortably as possible till he maybe comes back. No. GO.

He said, “Go.” He is with us. He will come back. In the meantime, we will go.

Or are we just going to sit here?